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Pro Evolution Soccer returns to defend its crown.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 will be loved again by those footballers who enjoyed last year with the 4th version.

The game uses the same engine as in Pro Evolution Soccer 4, although there are various enhancements: players will now also move better around the pitch thanks to even more animations, you can play in even the coldest conditions, and even see breath coming from players mouths.

The game scene is customizable and we will decide de screen size and resolution, image quality,... adaptind the game to the power of our machine, though the minimum requirements are not very high.

More football, better than ever, the gameplay has been enhanced to provide a more lifelike version of the beautiful game: players utilise their upper bodies more in the challenge, have more tricks at their disposal, and can now curl shots with pinpoint accuracy.

If you liked the 4th, download this and enjoy even more.